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Monthly archive for August 2015

Software for Reinforcing Training Content

We recently talked with a company who provides a software program that can be used to reinforce training content with students AFTER a class ends.  To put it simple… their software utilizes “gaming” technology to push content in front of students two-minutes per day for as many days as you want it to.  This software is also functional on smartphones.  To learn more about this company and their software, click here.  

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Good Picture for Vehicle Safety Training

A good friend of ours was sitting in their vehicle and waiting for their son to get out of school when they looked up and saw someone sitting at a picnic table that was traveling down the road at 20 mph!  And you thought you had seen everything.  Think again!

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Company Avoids Lawsuit Although Cited by OSHA

Most would think that if a company violates an OSHA regulation which results in a worker fatality, that it would set them up for a slam-dunk lawsuit.  However, in a recent tort case that involved a painting company who was cited by OSHA for not providing adequate fall protection for an employee who fell to their death, the Ohio Supreme Court ruled in favor of the defending company.  They felt that although the company did violate OSHA requirements, there was not enough evidence proving that the company INTENTIONALLY wanted to cause harm to the employee.  Click here to read more detail about this case and the courts decision.

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OSHA Delays Enforcement of Confined Space Standard

OSHA has decided to temporarily delay the enforcement of their new Confined Space standard for the construction industry.  The rule still becomes effective on August 3, 2015 but it will not be enforced until October 2, 2015.  The did this to allow employers more time to understand the new requirements and implement changes necessary for compliance.  As a side note, state plan agencies (like Indiana OSHA) will likely delay their enforcement another 60-days.  Click here to access details about the delay.  Click here for access to the new standard and other useful materials.

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Barge Crane Collapse Caught on Video!

Two barge cranes that were being used to restore a bridge in the Netherlands collapsed and crushed nearby houses on August 3, 2015.  Amateur video caught the incident on tape.  Click here to view the video and access interviews and pictures from the incident.  This is good material to use for crane safety training!

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OSHA’s Publishes Revised Training Guide

Are you fully compliant with all of OSHA’s training requirements?  OSHA has posted a fully updated version of their training guide to help employers, safety professionals, training directors, and others identify and implement required training.  Click here to access a copy of this guide.              

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