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Monthly archive for November 2015

HAZCOM June 1st, 2015 Deadline Was Widely Missed

As of June 1, only about 35% of manufacturers had met the deadline to convert their MSDS’s into the new GHS/SDS  format.   Now, in the 4th quarter of 2015 that number has increased to an estimated 50%- 65%, with a full 100% not being complete until possibly the first quarter of 2016. Click here to see if the June 1st change applies to you.   It is the responsibility of the suppliers to send the revised SDS’s to the employer.  The employer is not required to proactively search for updated SDS’s.  OSHA has said “OSHA would not issue citations for maintenance of MSDS’s when SDS’s have not been received.”  Source of Information provided by M3V.   Want to create and print your own custom labels? Check out these sites below. Click here to read the OSHA letter of clarification.

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OSHA Increases Penalties

Yes, this is really happening! In an effort to catch up on inflation, OSHA will be increasing their penalty amounts. The new two-year bipartisan budget, signed by President Barack Obama on November 2, 2015, requires OSHA to raise its citation penalties. OSHA was one of three federal agencies that were specifically exempted from a 1990 bill that required federal agencies to raise their fines to keep pace with inflation. As of August 1st, 2016, the new penalties should be as follows:                                     New Penalty                        Current Penalty Other than Serious violations:                           Up to $12,600                     Up to $7,000 Serious violations:                             […]

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Seeing Blood…Recordable or not Recordable?

OSHA decided to issue a “Letter of Interpretation” regarding an ongoing and interesting issue. If you faint or lose consciousness due to the sight of your blood, caused by a work-related  event, is this a recordable issue? Click here to read the full details!

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Ashley Furniture Fined by OSHA for Third Time in 2015

In October, OSHA cited Ashley Furniture for the third time this year with $481,000 in fines. This brings the total to over $2,200,000 in just 2015. Ashley Furniture made a statement saying they will “vigorously challenge” all allegations due to OSHA inspectors “based their allegations on assumptions”. Click here for the OSHA release. As we know, fines do happen more often than we would like. For comparison, here is a list of the top OSHA penalties from 2010 through August 2015.   BP: $63,860,860 Louis Dreyfus (parent of Imperial Sugar): $6,063,600 Republic Steel: $2,635,000 Tesoro: $2,532,355 Olivet Management: $2,359,000 Dollar Tree: $2,153,585 Ashley Furniture: $1,869,745 Kehrer Brothers  Construction: $1,822,800 Renco: $1,535,475 Black Mag LLC: $1,218,500   Source for OSHA penalties: Violation Tracker

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