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Monthly archive for February 2016

Zika Virus in the workplace

What is the Zika Virus? It is a mosquito-borne illness that can cause fever, rash, joint pain and conjunctivitis for one in five infected people. It can be contracted through mosquito bites that are infected, or blood transfusions of an affected person.  Even though there is no immediate threat, or reason for concern regarding contracting the virus in the USA, it should still be a topic in every workplace. Under OSHA’s “General Duty Clause”, the employer has a legal obligation to provide a safe and healthful workplace. Since there is currently no specific regulation on the Zika virus, OSHA will utilize the above mentioned clause if need be. Click here for more information on how OSHA plans to handle the Zika Virus.

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Good Video for Forklift Training

We found a video that you might want to incorporate into your Forklift Operator Training.  This is a good example of how employees will find ways to get the job done when they aren’t provided the right equipment to do it safely. Please enjoy!  

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Crane Collapsed in NYC

Due to a series of unfortunate events, a 565 ft. crawler crane (roughly the length of an NYC block) fell to the ground at 8:24 AM ET this morning, resulting in one death and three injuries. The crane was being used to replace generators and air conditioners on a building’s roof, when 20 mph wind pushed it to the ground.  Mayor Bill de Blasio has stated “They were in the process of securing the crane … actually preparing to bring it down, to secure it” when the wind caught the crane and brought it down. Officials say the toll could have been worse if it had not been for the preparations being made to bring down the crane. Click here for more information. Click here to watch a video of the crane collapsing.   UPDATE: New York City has implemented a four-point construction crane safety plan following the collapse. Click here for information regarding the plan. […]

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