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Monthly archive for December 2016

December’s Unsafe Photos

We’ve compiled our favorite silly, unsafe photos for the month of December. The foolishness, danger, and lack of awareness in the photos below is unbelievable. Hopefully you can spot the issues within each photo! Please do not try to duplicate any of the images below, as they are not safe.  

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OSHA issues “Recommended Practices For Safety & Health Programs In Construction”

OSHA has issued a guideline that should help industry employers develop proactive programs to keep their workplaces safe. The recommended practices should be helpful to small and medium sized contractors who may not have safety  and health specialists on staff. This is a wonderful tool that can be used as a guideline to prevent work-related injuries, illnesses and deaths, as well as financial difficulties these events can cause for workers, their families and their employers.  Click here to see the Recommended Practices provided by OSHA. Click here for the news release. These recommendations are advisory only and do not create any new legal obligations or alter existing obligations created by OSHA standards or regulations.  

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Trench Collapse Fatalities Have More Than Doubled in 2016

A recent fatality in Ohio has highlighted the fact that trench fatalities have more than doubled in the year 2016. There have been twenty three fatalities and twelve reported injuries regarding trenches. One cubic yard of soil can weight up to 3000 pounds, making trench collapses rarely survivable. Click here for the OSHA News Release. Click here for an OSHA Trenching and Excavation Fact Sheet.  

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CCS Changes their Certification Program!

The Coalition for Construction Safety (CCS) has announced they are going to unleash several updates to their “Certification Program” that will become effective on January 1, 2017.  These changes will affect the grading criteria used during their Safety Program Review process, and also require additional documents to be submitted annually during renewal.  Here is a summary of these changes… MINIMUM CRITERIA  (Partial List) Safety Directors must complete an OSHA 30-Hour course or greater. AED certification will be required for employees exposed to live energized parts. A Silica Control Plan will be required for those who are exposed to silica. Confined Space Entry plans must be written to satisfy OSHA’s Confined Space in Construction Standard (i.e. reference to a Competent Person, use of early warning system when engulfment is possible, etc). Post-Accident drug testing must reflect OSHA’s latest requirements on this matter. BEST PRACTICES  (Partial List) Safety Directors complete an OSHA […]

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