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Monthly archive for July 2018

New ANSI Standard Proposed for Mobile Elevating Work Platforms

The new ANSI A92 standard is set for publication.  This standard will cover the design, operation and training of Mobile Elevating Work Platforms (MEWP).  Here are some of the changes that are expected to be included in the new standard:   DESIGN REQUIREMENTS   New MEWP’s must be manufactured with load sensing devices that sound an alarm and disable the machine if the maximum rated load capacity is exceeded. New machines must be manufactured with a tilt sensor that disable the equipment if it’s operated on slopes that exceed the maximum allowed pitch. Newly manufactured lifts will be rated and marked for indoor and/or outdoor use. MEWP’s rated for outdoor use will likely weigh more, be prohibited for use in winds over 28 mph, and have a reduced load capacity. Access areas will need to be guarded by a rigid spring-loaded gate instead of chains. A toe-board will need to […]

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July’s Unsafe Photos


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