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Monthly archive for April 2019

Boots & Bling Gala

RMS Safety was presented with the opportunity to sponsor a wonderful event in Danville, IN this past weekend benefiting Theratails Riding Center. The 1st Annual Boots and Bling Gala was raising money to build a heated barn so physical therapy can be done year round. This therapy is used to strengthen the spine and improve balance and overall musculoskeletal strength for individuals with special needs. With our help and many others, the Gala was able to raise over $48,000! We are so thankful to have been given the opportunity to help such an inspiring organization in the local Indianapolis area.

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Good Catch Program

We have recently asked our Safety Professionals to notify us when they discover unique unsafe practices while on the job. This gives them the opportunity to share with us some of the work they do, and allows us to share with you some unsafe situations. Below you will see the winning photo for April’s Good Catch Program. Person sitting 10 ft. above ground without a safety harness, lanyard or anchor. Cross braces in photo are from a different scaffold. Person would have fallen 10 ft. if he continued without a harness. Too much slack in the rope grab while on the leading edge.

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April’s Unsafe Photos

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