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Monthly archive for June 2019

RMS Sponsors Employee’s Mission Trip To Nicaragua

One of our RMS Safety Managers, Eric Hartley, with a group of 9 people left from Indianapolis to serve the people Bethel, Nicaragua and a few surrounding villages. These team members are representatives of Seerley Creek Christian and Common Ground West Church in partnership with Vision Nicaragua. There were several teachers from the Indianapolis schools (IPS and the Oaks Academy) who were in the group to come along side to serve the native teachers in Bethel. Quickly it became obvious the teachers were unfunded with resources, but their passion for their students was inspirational. The team identified some needs that could be met and purchased globes, pens, paper, folders, rulers, and other items that we just take for granted to be in a classroom. This was the first time the school had a globe in a classroom. As you can imagine the difficulty to teach geography without maps or a […]

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BCSP Workshop at RMS

This past week, RMS hosted a Prep Course for the CSP, ASP, CHST, and OSHT certification exams. The course covered universal content that prepared the students for all BCSP exams. We were very pleased with the education and study guides provided to prepare the students for the exams. We had a great turnout and are planning to have another Prep Course this fall. If you are interested in the fall course, contact Leah at

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June’s Good Catch winner!

This month, we awarded Tammy Hines with the best catch.  Tammy was notified by one of our longstanding customers that a recent audit disqualified them from being “CCS Certified”.  We are very diligent at making sure our clients reach and maintain their qualification with CCS, ISN, Avetta and others, so Tammy knew it wasn’t because of an issue with their Safety Program.  After rolling-up her sleeves and digging-in, she discovered that the sole reason for their disqualification was because of a recordkeeping mistake.  The client had misclassified one case as a Lost Workday Case and that alone caused the issue.  After notifying the client and contacting CCS about the mistake, the client’s status was changed back to Certified! This is just one of many examples of how Tammy and our other staff members go above and beyond to serve our clients.  Please let us know how we can help you!

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