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NSC’s Safety Checkup Assessment and Safe At Work Pledge

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A few weeks ago, we blogged about the National Safety Council, and The Journey to Safety Excellence program they created to promote safety. They have recently added a few new features to their website that we think you might enjoy!

Take the Safety Check Up assessment to learn safety risks by age, gender, occupation and location. This is a great tool that could really help you prepare, and recognize potential hazards you may not have been aware of. The assessment will notify you of the leading cause of death per gender, leading cause of unintentional injury be age and location, and leading causes of non-fatal injuries by occupation.

You can also take the Safe At Work Pledge, or better yet, recommend your employees take the pledge! With workplace fatalities on the rise, showing your commitment to safety can inspire and promise safety to yourself and others. The pledge promises these three things:

  • Never compromise my own safety or the safety of my co-workers to get the job done
  • Actively look for hazards, promptly report them, and take appropriate action to warn others
  • Be a good safety role model for my friends and family even when off the job

If you have not already joined The Journey to Safety Excellence, you should!

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