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Safe Ways to Grind Tungstun

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Do your employees Tig weld?  If so, they are likely grinding the tip of the tungsten rod into a point before they start the welding process.  This is necessary in order to ensure a high quality weld.  However, do you know how are they doing this?  If they are welding in a shop, they are probably using a bench grinder (which is safe).  But if they are welding in a location that doesn’t have a bench grinder nearby (i.e. construction site) they may be using a hand-held angle grinder.  As you can imagine… this is NOT a safe practice!  Can you imagine trying to hold an angle grinder with one hand and hold/rotate a welding rod with the other?  Or what about having a buddy hold the rod while you operate the grinder?  Even putting the rod in a vice and rotating the grinder around the rod to try and sharpen it wouldn’t be safe or practical.  So how does this get done safely?  Click here to watch a video that will show a few alternatives you may want to consider.





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