ANSI Glove Ratings Change


The ANSI/ISEA 105 standard for hand protection has been revised.  The reason for this revision is to better identify the amount of protection that a glove truly offers.  Under the current standard (last revised in 2011) a glove that can withstand 1600 grams of applied force and a glove that can withstand 3200 grams of applied force (twice as much) are both classified as “Level 4” gloves.  Under the new standard, these gloves will be classified differently.  Here are some brief bullet points that summarize the new changes:

  • There will now be nine (9) different levels of protection.
  • Levels 0-3 will remain the same.
  • Level 4 will now be broken down into 3 levels (4-6)
  • Level 5 will now be broken down into 4 levels (6-9).
  • The letter “A” will be printed in front of each level so users know whether a glove was tested and classified under the previous or new ANSI standard (i.e. PREVIOUS = Level 4, NEW= Level A4).
  • All ANSI testing laboratories must now use the same method and machine in order to achieve more consistent ratings.
  • A puncture test for hypodermic needles will be incorporated into the testing method.

Click here to access a DuPont publication that provides additional detail on the 9 new levels of protection.

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