Long Term Support

The Need for Support

Before coming to us for help, many of our clients experience the following obstacles that prevent them from advancing their Safety Programs.



Very few companies have the in-house expertise to effectively manage all aspects of their Safety Program.



Safety is often put on the “back burner” if the person responsible for managing safety also has other responsibilities.



The compensation and benefits for an experienced full-time Safety Director is well over 6-digits.

Our Solutions

Part-Time Safety Director

For small to mid-sized companies, we can provide a safety professional who will help manage your Safety Program on a part-time basis.


• EXPERIENCE. Your safety program will be managed by an experienced safety professional.

• PRODUCTION. Your existing staff can focus on their primary responsibilities and be more productive.

• FLEXIBILITY. Our schedule can adjust according to your needs, unlike a full-time hire.

• SAVINGS. Our services are only a fraction of what a full-time Safety Director would cost.

Supplemental Staffing

For larger companies who have their own safety department, we can provide safety professionals on an ongoing basis to increase manpower and/or complement the skillset of the in-house staff with unique competencies. Hover over each image for more information.

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