Project Staffing

Benefits of Outsourcing

Trying to internally staff and manage safety professionals who are assigned to temporary construction projects can be time-consuming, difficult and costly.

    Outsourcing to a safety service provider like RMS
    offers the following benefits…

  • No time spent recruiting or hiring
  • Backup coverage is provided and managed
  • Performance issues are managed for you
  • No stressing or worrying about scheduling, work shortages or layoffs
  • Company liability is limited
  • The cost of outsourcing is comparable to hiring when all expenses are considered (i.e. compensation, taxes, benefits, travel, professional development, etc.)

The RMS Advantage

  • Our staff averages 16+ years of safety experience.
  • Applicants are issued a challenging 50 question quiz.
  • We employ coaches and mentors, not “cops.”
  • We don’t hire without physically seeing and talking with candidates (Skype is used for long-distance hires).
  • We can utilize technology to track and analyze data.
  • We provide service nationwide.
  • Our costs are fair and competitive.
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