CCS Certification Program Changes Effective January 1, 2020


The Coalition for Construction Safety has approved changes to their Certification Program to meet OSHA requirements and to enhance the value of the program to both owners and subcontractors.

  • All companies will be required to “Renew with Changes” in 2020 to ensure all contractors have responded accurately to the “Scope of Work” questionnaire.
  • All companies will be required to upload their most current safety program/manual and reference all criteria to ensure that all contractors have an accurately referenced manual since many contractors have not referenced their complete manual in over five years.
  • All companies that meet mandatory criteria will be required to have a home office audit (HOA) every three years.
  • Companies that are in “Participant” status due to their OSHA statistics not meeting the threshold will be required to have a risk mitigation plan that is uploaded to their record in the program.
  • Statuses in the program will be revised to better reflect a company’s commitment to safety performance. Companies who do not complete all certification program requirements will no longer receive a status and will be listed as incomplete.

If we have worked with you in the past on your Safety Program, please contact us so we can help you with these updates!

To read the Program Updates in full, click here.

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