December Deadline for Lift Training


As you may know, in December of 2018 ANSI revised their standard on aerial and scissor lifts (now called “Mobile Elevated Work Platforms” MEWP’s).  We posted a blog that summarizes these revisions on July 20, 2018 (please visit that blog for complete details).  Among the changes that were made, one of them requires all supervisors, occupants and maintenance personnel to receive training on MEWP’s.  The deadline for this training is creeping up on us quickly (December 10, 2019) so we thought we would send everyone a brief reminder.  Here is a list of the topics that must be covered with each individual:


  • Types of MEWP’s and guidelines for proper selection;
  • Potential hazards for operators, riders and pedestrians;
  • Ways to effectively control associated hazards;
  • How operators should safely operate MEWP’s; and
  • The use and storage of owner’s manuals.


  • The need for fall protection, proper use and anchor point locations;
  • How occupants can effect stability;
  • The proper use of accessories (if applicable); and
  • How to safely evacuate in case of an emergency.


  • How to thoroughly inspect MEWP’s for safety hazards; and
  • Proper maintenance procedures for MEWP’s.

The most common way our clients have been handling these requirements is to make sure all of the training criteria for Supervisors is included in the standard MEWP Operator training and then sending all Supervisors through that training along with the Operators; incorporating the training for Occupants into the company’s Safety Orientation program; and outsourcing all maintenance activities for MEWP’s.  If you need help with any of your MEWP training, please let us know!

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