Florida Roofing Company Fined with $1.5 Million in Penalties


On March 16, 2013, OSHA changed its rules for Fall Protection in residential construction. A Florida roofing company, Great White Construction Inc., recently saw the effects of these new rules. They were fined over $1.5 million in penalties after repeatedly exposing workers to fall hazards. Overall, Great White Construction was cited with 14 violations. An extensive prior history led the agency to issue 11 willful violations for failing to protect employees from fall hazards. OSHA also cited the company for three repeat violations for failing to ensure employees used eye protection while operating nail guns and for ladders used to access roof sites. Since 2012, OSHA has investigated Great White 12 times and issued 22 citations related to improper fall protection, ladder safety, and eye protection. For a full list of their violations, click here.  Click here for the Residential Roofing Fall Protection Plan Development Tool. 

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