Good Catch for October


This month, we are recognizing TWO of our employees! Bruce and Marc both had excellent Good Catch’s, so we wanted to reward them both.


Bruce was at a client’s jobsite that is erecting a five-story steel structure. The upcoming weather showed severe weather with possibility of lightning.  Bruce asked the employees if they had anything in place for protection and safety against the upcoming weather, and they said no. He talked to them about the importance of watching weather, and recommended they download the App My Lightning Tracker, and start using it. My Lightning Tracker is just as it seems, an app that will notify you (per your perimeter settings) when lightning is nearby. A great thing to have on your phone when working outside!

Marc was checking the cleanliness of a client’s company vehicle, and came across an empty cold and sweaty bottle of beer in the floorboard of a truck. The empty cold and sweaty bottle told Marc that this was recently very cold, and someone may have been drinking it on the job. As we all know, this is VERY dangerous, definitely not safe, and should not be tolerated.


Congrats on you two for being so diligent and detail focused on your job!

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