Good Catch!


This month we wanted to recognize a great catch from one of our employees, Paul. Paul was asked to review one of their current vendors, who provided  “Behind The Wheel” driver training to their sales force. This program was inefficient for the company, and in the past has caused them unnecessary money and time. The current vendor only teaches in most cities twice a year, which as you can imagine, can be a scheduling fiasco for traveling sales reps. With their current vendor, cancellation fees are expensive, and happened frequently. The current vendor was also best suited for refresher training, not initial training.

Paul discovered this inefficiency, and not only recommended the Smith System program, but that Smith be taught in-house by certified instructors rather than utilizing Smith for these services. This recommendation would save them money, time and be more convenient for sales reps. Once this program starts, sales reps will be trained on Smith Systems driving at the end of their Sales training in Indianapolis. This will save money in additional travel expenses,  cancellation fees, and other areas! Smith Systems is also a good program for initial driver training, so better suited for this client. RMS has also been able to step in and provide support for the Smith Systems training, allowing us to be further involved with that company.

We are so proud of Paul for discovering this area of need and savings for this large company. This was such a great find and a wonderful opportunity for RMS with our client! 

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