Great Idea for Heat Stress Prevention


Most safety professionals know that the color of urine can be an indicator of dehydration, and many of us have taught this in our training classes.  However, much of what we teach is not applied once our employees leave the classroom and return to work.  It takes continued reminders in order to make some things stick and lead to action.  These reminders can come in the form of refresher training, payroll stuffers, on-the-job feedback, and signage.  A few weeks ago we stumbled across a very simple yet effective idea for reminding employees about the need to monitor their urine color and stay hydrated.  Simply said… the company laminated a chart on urine color and posted it directly above each urinal/seat present on the job site.  Due to the strategic placement of the sign, it forced everyone to see it at a time they could actually apply it.  Genius!!  In case you would like to do the same, click here for a copy of the chart they used.

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