Great Pictures for Fall Protection Training


Need to spice up your fall protection training?  Here are 7 pictures that will get your students to laugh, scratch their heads, and spark conversation.  Thanks to our Safety Advisors and clients/friends for sharing.  Keep them coming!

PICTURE #1 = The individual on the elevated surface to the far left has tied his retractable lanyard to a beam on the far right wall…. BUT he does have a spotter below him who can catch him if he falls – LOL!

PICTURE #2 – Can’t find a good anchor point… why not use a loaded-down wagon?  It holds your kids doesn’t it?!

PICTURE #3 – A dented bucket is just as good as a set of steps…. right???

PICTURE #4 – Do you think this 2×4 would hold your weight if you run fast enough?  This brings a whole new meaning to “walk the plank”!

PICTURE #5 – Need a nap?  Just sign-up to be a roof monitor!  Problem solved!

PICTURE #6 – This picture does not need a caption.  It speaks for itself!!!

PICTURE #7 – Safety in Kentucky.

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