Prepare for Winter Weather!


With the weather we have had this week, it seems time for a good reminder to stay safe this season!

With the possibility of low temperatures and wind speed in the teens, any exposed skin can become frostbitten within 10- 30 minutes! The risk of hypothermia is also higher. In response to this, we encourage trying to move work indoors when possible. Other precautions could involve rescheduling work, delaying start times, limiting outdoor activities, requiring frequent warming breaks, not allowing anyone to work alone, and providing cold stress training to exposed employees. Cold stress training should include hazards of cold stress, proper dress attire, proper diet for cold weather, the importance of never working alone, warming break frequency, how to recognize symptoms of frostbite/hypothermia, and how to treat cold stress injuries. Let us know if you need more guidance or have any questions. Stay warm!!

Below are a few images we recommend sharing with your employees to help keep them warm and SAFE!

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