Safety Notice for MSA Gravity Welder Harness


MSA has issued a Safety Notice regarding their Gravity Welder Harness. MSA has determined that the leg strap and chest wrap used in this harness incompatible. Although the harness can be donned, in the event of a fall, the shoulder straps may extend and affect the protection offered by the harness.

From the notice: MSA is advising all MSA Gravity Welder Harness customers to immediately stop the use of affected MSA Gravity Welder Harnesses produced from July 2015 through and including January 2018. The harnesses are to be removed from service, marked “UNUSABLE” and destroyed.

Affected MSA Gravity Welder Harnesses are those marked with one of the following part numbers and a manufacturing date from July 2015 to January 2018:
 10151154
 10158954
 10158956
 10158957 

For the full Safety Notice, click here.

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