Tornado Season, Are you prepared?


The Midwest is currently in peak Tornado and Severe Weather season, typically lasting from March through May.

It is extremely important to be prepared and educated. Are you aware of the difference between a tornado watch and a tornado warning? A tornado watch is issued by the National Weather Service when the weather in a particular area could produce tornadoes (often this means thunderstorms are in the area). A tornado warning means that a tornado has been spotted on the ground in your area or that the storm circulation seen on Doppler radar could produce a tornado. It is best to always stay safe, so when there is a tornado warning issued, immediately seek shelter.

Does your business have an action plan to keep employees safe during severe weather? OSHA recommends every business has an emergency plan. You need to plan ahead, equip your business with proper materials, and train all employees on proper procedures. Click here to read OSHA’s guidance on   “Tornado Preparedness and Response”.  Click here for a printout you may use for employee training issued by the Red Cross.

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