Using OCC-Med Clinics


There are great benefits to sending injured workers to clinics that specialize in occupational medicine instead of sending them to an urgent care or hospital.  These benefits include: employees not having to wait extended periods of time to get seen; physicians taking their time to exam and treat employees because they aren’t having to deal with other patients who have more critical issues; the clinic having knowledge of how to handle and bill work comp claims; lower cost of treatment which results in a lower EMR for your company; and a higher potential of the employee being treated in a way that avoids an OSHA Recordable.  Because of these benefits we highly recommend sending all work-related injuries to an occ-med clinic unless the injury is serious and/or critical in nature.

To find a list of OCC-Med clinics in the areas you work in, we recommend contacting your insurance provider and asking them for suggestions.  They often have lists of providers and will give those lists to you.  They prefer you use these providers because they usually pre-negotiate discounted rates with them, which saves them and you.  If they cannot suggest a clinic in an area you are working in, then you can just do a Google search.  Fortunate for those of you who work in Indiana, the state government has already created a list of occ-med clinics that is available online. Click the link here for the list.

We do have one suggestion if you are going to just Google search or use a provider on a state provided list.  That is to contact the clinic and make sure they SPECIALIZE in occupational medicine (not just do it, along with family medicine, etc.)  There is a big difference.  Clinics who only handle work-related injuries are more likely to educate their physicians on OSHA Recordability and be more willing to work with employers to manage claims.

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