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Monthly archive for August 2016

Electrical PPE vs. Sunscreen & Repellent

Do your employees work on or near live energized parts?  If so, hopefully they are wearing dielectric and arc rated protection!  But the simple use of these products is not enough.  Employees must take care of them so the products can actually prevent injury when hazards are introduced.  A dielectric glove with a hole in it can allow electricity to pass through it, and heavily soiled arc rated clothing may not resist heat and flames as long.  Most are aware of these common issues, but what about the hazards associated with wearing sunscreen and insect repellant? Did you know that some petroleum based sunscreens can break-down dielectric rubber products, and insect repellents with DEET can reduce the performance of arc rated clothing?  If this is news to you, don’t worry… you are not alone!  Many are unaware of these issues, and this is why we recommend educating your employees and double checking any […]

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ANSI Glove Ratings Change

The ANSI/ISEA 105 standard for hand protection has been revised.  The reason for this revision is to better identify the amount of protection that a glove truly offers.  Under the current standard (last revised in 2011) a glove that can withstand 1600 grams of applied force and a glove that can withstand 3200 grams of applied force (twice as much) are both classified as “Level 4” gloves.  Under the new standard these gloves will be classified differently.  Here are some brief bullet points that summarize the new changes: There will now be nine (9) different levels of protection. Levels 0-3 will remain the same. Level 4 will now be broken down into 3 levels (4-6) Level 5 will now be broken down into 4 levels (6-9). The letter “A” will be printed in front of each level so users know whether a glove was tested and classified under the previous or new […]

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Have an idea on how to lessen hearing loss?

According to OSHA, every year, 22 million workers risk losing their hearing from workplace noise hazards. Hearing loss disability costs businesses an estimated $242 million annually in workers’ compensation. To help inspire creative ideas and raise awareness for workplace safety innovation, they have kicked off the  “Hear and Now – Noise Safety Challenge” The Department of Labor is challenging inventors and entrepreneurs to help develop a technological solution to workplace noise exposure and related hearing loss. The challenge ends September 30. Ten finalists will be invited to pitch their ideas to a panel of judges on October 27 in Washington D.C. Winning ideas will get noticed by NIOSH Research to Practice (r2p) and interact with U.S. Patent and Trademark office representatives. The competition is open to all ideas related to occupational hearing protection. Suggested topics include: Technology that will enhance employer training and improve effective use of hearing protection. Technology that alerts […]

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Custom Video Idea for Your Company

We stumbled across a video on YouTube that we thought we would share with everyone.  It’s a brief video of different family members who are encouraging employees to work safely.  Producing something like this would be easy to do and it would help remind your employees WHY they should choose to work safe each day.  Showing something like this at the beginning or end of a safety meeting or during a New Hire Orientation session would be a nice touch!

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